Make delicious kebabs easily with the Kebab Grill Rotisserie Cyprus BBQ! Adjustable height, battery/electric motor, and strong galvanized cover make grilling a breeze.


The Kebab Grill Rotisserie BBQ – Foukou: Easy and Delicious Cooking for Everyone!

Do you love kebabs and want an easy way to cook them at home? Let me introduce you to the Kebab Grill Rotisserie BBQ! This amazing grill can help you make yummy kebabs for your family and friends in no time. With its cool features like a motor that spins, adjustable height, and sturdy skewers, it’s the best tool for your next BBQ party.

Easy to Use, with a Motor that Spins!

Cooking kebabs on this grill is super easy. It has a motor that turns the skewers round and round, so your kebabs get cooked evenly on all sides. You can use the motor with either a battery or electricity, which means you can enjoy delicious kebabs wherever you are, whether at home or on a camping trip!

Adjustable Height Regulations

Whether you’re cooking for a big family gathering or just a small dinner, you can adjust the height of the grill to fit your needs. Simply raise or lower it to make sure your kebabs are cooked just right. Everyone can enjoy perfectly grilled kebabs, whether they’re big or small!

Strong and Sturdy Design

The Kebab Grill Rotisserie BBQ is made to last with strong galvanized metal. Here’s how it stands out:

  • Size: It measures 70 cm long, 37 cm wide, and 68 cm high. Perfect for all your kebab grilling needs.
  • Material: It’s made from galvanized metal that’s shiny and durable, so it won’t rust easily.
  • Legs: Four strong legs keep it steady on any surface.
  • Cover: The grill has a 1.25 mm thick galvanized cover, which keeps your kebabs safe while they cook.
  • Thickness: The metal is 3 mm thick, which makes it super sturdy and perfect for outdoor cooking.

Lots of Skewers for All Your Friends

Do you love making different types of kebabs? This grill comes with plenty of skewers so you can grill many kebabs at once!

  • 3 Large Skewers: These are 8 mm thick and perfect for big, chunky kebabs.
  • 11 Small Skewers: These are 3 mm thick and great for smaller, delicate kebabs.

Each skewer has a wooden handle, so you can hold it easily without burning your fingers.

4 Sturdy Legs

The grill stands on four strong legs made of galvanized metal. They keep the grill steady while you cook, so nothing wobbles or tips over. You can place the grill on grass, concrete, or even sand and still grill safely.

A Versatile Grill for Any Occasion

The Kebab Grill Rotisserie BBQ is great for any event, whether it’s a backyard party or a picnic. Here’s why:

  • Battery or Electric Motor: You can power the grill with a battery or plug it in for constant power.
  • Adjustable Height: Raise or lower the grill to get the perfect cooking temperature.
  • Lots of Skewers: Grill big or small kebabs easily with 3 large skewers and 11 small skewers.
  • Galvanized Cover and Legs: Keeps the grill strong and protected from the weather.

Easy to Clean and Store

After the party is over, you can clean the grill easily. Just remove the skewers and cover, and then wipe down the grill with warm soapy water. The galvanized cover keeps the grill clean and ready for the next use. When you’re done, you can pack it up and store it until the next BBQ!


The Kebab Grill Rotisserie BBQ is your perfect partner for tasty kebab grilling. With its adjustable height, battery or electric motor, and strong galvanized cover, you can easily cook yummy kebabs for your family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite kebab ingredients, fire up the grill, and let’s start cooking!